Your Full Line Petrolteum & Industrial Equipment Supplier

Our History

MECO is a full-line petroleum and industrial equipment supplier with five locations throughout the Southeast— Albany, Atlanta, Macon and Savannah. We supply a variety of products from transfer pumps and fuel dispensers to LED lighting and POS equipment. MECO also provides installation and service of your petroleum and industrial equipment.

Before all of this was possible, many pieces had to fall together. Here’s the story of who and what made MECO the company it is today.

The MECO Story

It all started in 1952 when MECO of Savannah, Inc. was established by Walter (Matt) Matthews and his partner James (Jim) Nettles as a subsidiary of Metal Equipment Company, Inc.

Matt hired a couple of salesmen to call on agents for major oil companies in Georgia and South Carolina. The salesmen traveled with their back seats packed with hoses, nozzles, pipe fittings, mechanical computers and hand pumps. As sales in Savannah grew, we knew we had to grow, too.

As a result, three main roots sprang forth from Savannah— Frank Futrelle in 1956 (Root 1), Mike Scudder in 1956 (Root 2) and Rentz Woodruff in 1959 (Root 3). The addition of these key players combined with increasing requests from Augusta and North Florida meant that it was time for MECO to branch out.

Root 1: MECO of Augusta

In 1956, Frank, an aspiring young safety shoe salesman, learned about a job opportunity at MECO of Savannah that would change his life forever. He became an outside salesman for Matt Matthews. Then, in 1959, he partnered with Matt and Jim as the owners of MECO of Augusta. Mike Scudder also relocated to Augusta to run the inside while Frank managed sales.

Business grew and MECO of Augusta prospered. So, Mike Scudder left MECO of Augusta to partner with Matt in the MECO of Atlanta venture.

In 1986, Frank passed on as a victim of an automobile accident. His son Jeff Futrelle took over the business and continued the MECO heritage as a second-generation employee. In February 2001, Jeff opened a branch in Greenville, South Carolina. The business continues to prosper and expand while the legacy lives on.

Root 2: MECO of Atlanta

In 1955, MECO of Savannah opened a one-man sales office in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1965, Mike Scudder moved to Atlanta to take over sales and establish a branch operation. In 1975, Matt sold his interest in MECO of Savannah and MECO of Atlanta to Mike Scudder and William (Billy) Carver.

In 1977, MECO of Savannah and MECO of Atlanta established a branch in Montgomery, Alabama.

In 1987, Mike Scudder acquired Billy Carver's interest in MECO of Savannah. Mark Scudder moved to Savannah, Georgia to manage this operation.

In 1990, MECO of Atlanta acquired the assets of Sunbelt Hose and Equipment Company (formerly Equipment Sales Company, Inc.) in Georgia.

In 1993, MECO of Atlanta opened a branch in Macon, Georgia. Carlos Mobley is the manager.

In 1993, when Stage II Vapor Recovery hit Atlanta, MECO of Atlanta was contracted by nearly every major oil company to assist them in meeting these new federal regulations. They counted on MECO’s experience in the petroleum equipment industry to guide them to compliance.

In 1998, MECO of Atlanta opened a branch in Albany, Georgia. Wayne Bell was the manager.

In 1999, MECO of Atlanta purchased the assets of Florida Equipment Sales, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida. Partners Lamar Scott and Mike Meadors manage the newly formed MECO of North Florida branch.

MECO of Atlanta currently has more than 40 employees. Mike Scudder is the General Manager and Mark Scudder is the Manager of Sales and Branch Operations. Pamela Scudder is the Comptroller. It is under their leadership, but with the guidance of Mike Scudder, that MECO of Atlanta has grown, prospered and remains strong.

Root 3: MECO of Florence

In 1959, Rentz Woodruff joined MECO of Savannah. In 1964, Matt Matthews sent Rentz to Florence, South Carolina where they opened MECO of Florence. Rentz brought along a young service technician from the Savannah office named Jack Brantley.

In 1978, Rentz's son, Taylor Woodruff, joined the company as a second-generation employee. In 1989, Taylor was named president of MECO of Florence. Jack Brantley still serves the company as General Manager. Jack's sons, Chris and Tim Brantley, provide their expertise to the Technical Service Department.

In 1997, MECO of Florence established a branch office in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Bob Baskin, with over seventeen years of service to the petroleum marketers in the Fayetteville area, became the MECO of Fayetteville branch manager.

Over the years, the company continued to grow and prosper under the leadership of Rentz and Jack. A company philosophy which places people and relationships first, whether a customer, an employee or a supplier, has remained a driving force today.

Our Future

In closing, two things. First, thank you to all of the "silent partners" (the wives) of the three main roots: Frank Futrelle – Sybil, Mike Scudder – Betty and Rentz Woodruff – Annette. These women held their families together, enabling their husbands to run a successful small business. Not to say there weren't moments that tested the strength of their relationships, but they met the test.

Second, Jeff Futrelle became the first second-generation employee. MECO is fortunate to have second-generation employees to witness the skills of the founders, to learn the trade of successful small businessmen and to experience the day-to-day effort it takes to keep a good customer.

At MECO, we plan for the future, we enter business relationships with customers and employees for the future, and we work with our customers and employees as though they are family— because our future includes our customers and employees. We want them to be as successful as they can be, knowing their success and our proper business practices are how sound futures are built.

With a total of 163 working, tax-paying citizens of the United States of America, MECO is a small, shining example of the great American free enterprise system. To learn more or to join our team, please contact us today.