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As a family-owned and operated company with more than 60 years of experience, MECO has extensive knowledge and competency in petroleum and industrial equipment maintenance and support. Located across Georgia, our team of service technicians are highly-trained professionals that are committed to quality customer service and a quick turn-around. If you're having an issue that requires one of our skilled service technicians, we are on call 24/7 to receive and respond to the matter. Submit a service request or contact us today.

MECO can help.

  • Slow Pumping - If one or several of your pumps are operating slowly, costing you time and revenue, view our Slow Pumping solutions or contact a MECO representative for assistance.
  • Tank Monitoring – If you are experiencing any issues with your tank monitoring equipment, submit a request and MECO will get your systems back online and in compliance quickly.
  • POS or Register Issues – Our experienced service techs are experts in working with point of sale systems. Whether you need a new POS system installed or need help troubleshooting, our team is ready to exceed your expectations. Shop POS systems, learn more about MECO’s POS support, or contact our service technicians.
  • Software Upgrades – Need to update your software? MECO can help!
  • Hanging Equipment – Whether it’s a nozzle, hose or swivel, our service techs can identify the issue and resolve it quickly and effectively. We also carry an extensive stock of replacement parts and are the experts in hanging equipment servicing.
  • Pump Displays & Buttons – Are you having issues with your fuel pump displays, buttons or credit card reader? Contact one of our service technicians for quick assistance.
  • Seeking EMV Compliance – MECO is ready to assist in EMV Upgrades. Learn how we can help make the process seamless.


If you are having issues with your petroleum or c-store equipment, MECO repairs, replaces and maintains fuel systems. Put your trust in the best industrial equipment supplier in the southeast! If you’re ready to partner with MECO, shop our products, contact us today, or submit a service request.